Guidelines to Britain

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The Great Court at the British Museum in London. Photo Credit: © Diliff via Wikimedia Commons.

20 Popular Museums In London To Visit

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London is a fascinating city and among its numerous attractions are 250+ museums, many of them world-class and free to...
Tower Bridge from Shad Thames. Photo Credit: © Colin / Wikimedia Commons.

History Of Tower Bridge In London

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Tower Bridge in London was built between 1886 and 1894 and is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Close to the Tower of...
London Eye. Photo Credit: © Khamtran via Wikimedia Commons.

Fun Facts About The London Eye

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Even though the London Eye is one of London’s newest landmarks, it is increasingly popular and so considered just as important as some of...
Blenheim Palace from the Water Terraces. Photo Credit: © Durova via Wikimedia Commons

5 London Sites Associated With Winston Churchill

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Few world leaders have been as influential as Winston Churchill. He was a powerful and key political figure in the...
Windsor Castle at sunset as viewed from the Long Walk in Windsor, England. Photo Credit: © David Iliff via Wikimedia Commons.

History Of Windsor Castle

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One of the most famous castles in London and really all of England is Windsor Castle which has a long detailed and fascinating history. The...
Hampton Court Palace: The Great Gate. Photo Credit: © Luke Nicolaides via Wikimedia Commons.

History of Hampton Court Palace

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Hampton Court Palace is a royal palace in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames and is considered an architectural marvel. And as...
Kensington Palace with Victoria Statue. Photo Credit: © Shisha-Tom via Wikimedia Commons.

Inside Kensington Palace, A Royal Palace In The Heart of London

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One of the most stunning royal retreats in the entirety of England, Kensington Palace was originally a...
Some of the British Crown Jewels including

Visiting The British Crown Jewels At The Tower of London

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Throughout the ages, British monarchs have donned and displayed various jewels, regalia, and treasures that...