Guidelines to Britain

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The Painted Hall in Greenwich, London. Photo Credit: © Depthcharge101 via Wikimedia Commons.

Top 10 Hidden Gems in London

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Visitors to London are sure to have a fantastic time exploring top attractions like the British Museum, Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey. And...
Aerial view of Waddesdon Manor from the north. Photo Credit: © John Bigelow Taylor via Wikimedia Commons.

5 Stately Homes in England You May Not Have Thought To Visit

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There are many castles and stately homes in England and throughout the rest of the United Kingdom, each with their own exciting...
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Avebury Stone Circle. Photo Credit: © Detmar Owen via Wikimedia Commons.

10 Facts About Avebury Stone Circle, A UNESCO World Heritage Site In England

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The Avebury Stone Circle is an architectural marvel that was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1986. Today, tourists from all over...
Interior of St. Dunstan in the West Church in London. Photo Credit: ©  Diliff via Wikimedia Commons.

Top 10 London Cathedrals And Churches To Visit

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Westminster Abbey and Saint Paul’s Cathedral are two of the more popular tourist attractions requested on our London...
Wide angle view of Blenheim Palace. Photo Credit: © Gailf548 via Wikimedia Commons.

History Of Blenheim Palace, Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill

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Blenheim Palace is one of the unique buildings in the United Kingdom. It is not only an old manor, but it is also a national monument and a...
London skyline with Big Ben and environs, including the London Eye, Portcullis House, Parliament Square, and St Margaret's Church. Photo Credit: © Colin via Wikimedia Commons .

10 Facts About Big Ben In London

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Did you even visit London if you didn’t take a picture with the famous Big Ben? If you’re planning to travel to London any time soon, you...
Royal Parks in London: St. James's Park Lake looking east from the Blue Bridge. Photo Credit: © Colin / Wikimedia Commons.

8 Royal Parks In London

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London is a cosmopolitan urban city which can be quite fast paced, but one of the things it’s quite well-known for is its natural spaces –...
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument. Photo Credit: © Gareth Wiscombe via Wikimedia Commons.

History of Stonehenge, A UNESCO World Heritage Site in England

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A British cultural icon, there is much mystery surrounding the history of Stonehenge. In fact, while...