Stonehenge & the City of Bath – Driver Guide

Built around five thousand years ago, this world famous ancient monument, Stonehenge, continues to puzzle archaeologists seeking to explain its purpose.

See the 2000 year old Roman baths in the City of Bath and wander through this Georgian town.

Full day:
11 hours
Half day:
6 hours: Stonehenge only

Our Suggestions

  • Stonehenge

    Mysterious Stonehenge, built by ancient man as an observatory, a temple or (as the newest theory goes) a hospital, is set in a timeless landscape dotted with burial mounds – and the occasional crop circle!

    Hear the astounding story of the three ages of Stonehenge, beginning as long ago as the Pyramids. See its unique features that puzzle archaeologists to this day. Wander amongst the colossal stones and get up close and personal with them on a private sunrise or twilight tour.

    Please note, Stonehenge tickets must be pre-purchased.

  • Bath

    A haven for the body, mind and spirit, Bath mixes Roman grandeur with Georgian elegance.

    Jane Austen’s backdrop for her classic English novels offers shopping, spas, architecture and archaeology.

    Take tea and cakes as the heroines of Austen and Georgette Heyer would have known them in the fabulous 18th century Pump Room. Taste the famous waters – we dare you! – known as a restorative since Roman times, or sample their external effects in the 21st century Thermae Spa with its rooftop pool.

    Glide down the river on a traditional canal boat, or relax in the lush Parade Gardens for the perfect English summer’s day.


The beauty of a private sightseeing tour with Guidelines to Britain is that it can be timed and tailored to your exact needs. We will be happy to draw up a personalised itinerary based on your instructions, and answer any questions you might have.


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